Signature Cocktails

---- WhiteRussian (large)

---- Martinis (large)

The Lebowski Caucasian
Grey Goose Vodka & Kahlua Mocha with Half & Half. A new spin off an old classic.

“The Dude Abides!”
Mad Maude
Absolut Apeach, Amaretto, Orange Juice & Grenadine

“The word itself makes some men uncomfortable.”
The Stranger
Stolichnaya Vodka, Patron XO Coffee Liqueur & Bailey’s Caramel with Half & Half.

“I like your style.”
Donny's Element
Absolut, Bacardi Coco, Melon, Butterscotch & Pineapple Juice

“I am the Walrus!”

The Nihilist
Stolichnaya Vanilla, Kahlua Vanilla & Gran Marnier with Half & Half and Orange Juice. Garnished with a fresh slice of orange.

“We believe in nothing!”
Purple Quintana
Absolut Citron, Blue Curacao, Dash of Lime & Cranberry Juice

“Dios mio, man.”

Nutty Walter
Stolichnaya Razberi Vodka, Kahlua Hazelnut & Bailey’s Irish Cream with Half & Half.

“Over the Line!!!”
The Treehorn
Absolut Pears, Melon, Sour & Cranberry Juice

“People forget that the brain is the   biggest erogenous zone.”
Bunnie Toes
Grey Goose Vodka, Kahlua, Bailey’s Mint & Creme De Menthe with Half & Half.

“Brandt can’t watch though or he has to pay a hundred.”
Smokey's Slip
Absolut, Raspberry Schnaaps, Sour & Sprite

“I’m marking it an eight.”


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